4 Reasons You Should Have Your Air Ducts Cleaned

By Maximair-wpadm — In HVAC repair — August 28, 2019

Air Ducts CleanedThe air ducts are designed to distribute clean air in your home correctly. These days, most of the HVAC systems have filters that make sure that only clean air gets inside your home. Unfortunately, there are various tiny particles still do go through, however, and if you notice the following, make sure to get your duct cleaned before winter sets in.

Mold Growth – It is essential to remove the grilles on at least one of the vents. Use a flashlight to see any signs of mold within the ductwork. If you notice a moldy smell, it means there’s moisture in the ductwork. You must get it to check for leaks. Moisture is not a good sign as it can damage the ductwork insulation and cost you more down the lane.

Unresponsive Dampers – Dampers are to HVAC systems what taps are for the plumbing. They are responsible for distributing warm or cool air into a particular room. Dampers are consist of various moving parts, so accumulated dust can disrupt their movement.

Pests – If you notice signs of vermin in the ductwork, call a professional for help. Ductwork is meant only to allow air to pass through, so along with duct cleaning and pest control costs, there’s a chance that you need to check for holes, broken seams, and other possible pest entry points.

Reduced Efficiency – If you want to improve your HVAC system’s efficiency, make sure to get your duct cleaned. It will also reduce the chances of clogs. This is especially important if you have an oil, gas or wood-fired furnace, as some particles may get inside the ductwork. So, it is essential to check your ductwork and get it cleaned to improve the overall functionality of your system.

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