5 Smart Tips To Extend The Life Of Your AC

By Maximair-wpadm — In HVAC repair — July 24, 2019

Maintained ACA well maintained AC unit runs smoothly, use less energy and prevent a costly repair. Additionally, a properly maintained system can last for longer eliminating the need for replacing your AC unit. It should be noted there are some task should be performed by the home owner to improve the life of your AC.

Here are the simple tips to extend the efficiency of your HVAC system.

  • Frequently Replace The Air Filter
    The air filter is designed to prevent entering the dust, pollen and pet dander into your unit. Thus, your system performance will slow down. By replacing the HVAC filter at least once every especially in the summer season will make it run smoothly.
  • Improve Air Quality
    In case your AC can’t clear the air or moderate humidity on its own, invest in HVAC add-ons. Whole-home dehumidifiers, energy-recovery ventilators and air purifiers to improve the air quality to give a boost to your AC.
  • Outdoor AC Maintenance
    You need to avoid planting trees, shrubs and bushes nearby the AC as these can shield the unit from the direct sun and affect the overall efficiency.
  • Regular Maintenance
    Regularly inspect your HVAC system to identify the minor issues so that these can be fixed before worsening the issue. Regular tune-ups can make your air conditioner last for longer.
  • Don’t Rely On DIY
    If you notice a difference in the performance of your AC, call the professionals instead of performing DIY. A non-tech savvy can worsen the problem instead of doing on your own.

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